We have been overwhelmed with the love and support of many who are sad to see the store close, but also understanding and supportive of this decision! Here are some of the questions we've been asked - along with the answers!!

*Why aren't you selling the store instead of closing it? Great question (and the most common!) - Our lease is up the end of February and honestly - we don't feel like we have the time to advertise selling the store, and if we don't find a buyer, turn around and close down. If there is someone seriously interested in buying the store and contacts us, we would love to sit down and discuss selling.

*When are you closing the store? As I said, our lease is up the end of February and we are tentatively looking at February 20 as our official last day - however, we will have to make the decision as we get closer . . . there may be other factors that could change the official date.

*Why are you closing the store after spending over a year building up the store to what it is? Can't you step back now that it's going so great? The truth is - I should have been able to step back 6 months ago. I remember saying that it was finally looking like the vision I had for the store. However, as I've mentioned before, I'm no good at balance and will always find things I need to do, I will always have new ideas, and I will always want to put in 100% - simply, I will always be obsessed.

*Are you going to sell all the fixtures, equipment and furniture? Yes - Everything from displays to tables to counters to die cutting equipment - it will all have to go. I'll update you through the Blog and newsletters when those items become available.

*Do you have any new products coming in? Yes - we are waiting on some beautiful new Valentine products that should be here this week. We also made one last order for Bind-It-Alls. There will only be a dozen available so if you'd like to reserve one - you can call and pre-pay to ensure you get one.

*Can I put products on hold? No, not anymore. In fairness to everyone - you must pay for your products when we pull them. However - we WILL pull product if you pay for it over the phone when you request it.

*Are there any spots left at the upcoming Crops? Yes - however, they are filling up fast. If you have asked to reserve a spot at any of our remaining crops and haven't pre-payed, please do so - we cannot hold your spot until you pay.

*How will the online store work and when will it be open? I don't have many answers to that question yet. I'm working on the logistics of closing the store first . . . and when more information is available, you'll be updated through the Blog and Newsletters.

*What will happen to gift cards? Gift Cards must be redeemed before we close the store. We will not be accepting gift cards through the online store. If you know someone who has a gift card, please let them know and encourage them to use the gift card before it's too late.



Closing Our Doors . . .

After 14 months of Ownership and 2 previous years of Design Team involvement, I have decided to close the doors of More Than A Memory. It has been an amazing experience with challenges and growth. This decision has taken much time, thought, prayer, tears and resignation. When I bought More Than A Memory I vowed to myself that I would not stop scrapping. It's the heart and soul of my desire to be involved in the scrapbooking community. While I have remained involved in the designing, creating and teaching processes, I've also been absolutely consumed with all the other responsibilities associated with owning the store. It has taken a lot from not only my own life, but also that of my family. I'm not happy doing just enough. I feel I have to give 100% to everything I do, and in trying to do it all, I'm overwhelmed, if not completely insane. While I absolutely love being at the center of Anchorage's scrapping community, I know in my heart that I am not giving what I should or want to my family. I have never understood the meaning of "Balance." So with a heavy, although peaceful heart, we will begin the path to shutting the doors by the end of February.

Beginning Thursday, January 14 - you will automatically receive 15% off your entire purchase!

Our cropping schedule will wrap up with the following dates:

Moonlighter Friday, January 22 (5pm - 11pm) $15.00
Daylighter Saturday, January 23 (10am - 6pm) $15.00
Moonlighter Friday, February 12 (5pm - 11pm) $15.00
Supercrop Saturday, February 13 (10am - 10pm) $30.00

Well - as I've said, I made a vow to continue designing and creating. And you'll notice I said we're "Closing our doors" not "Going out of business." So the bright side of it all is that More Than A Memory will evolve - and we will have the time and ability to design and create with more flexibility and focus.

Creative Corner Kits and Classes have been one of the main forces behind More Than A Memory this past year and for those who regularly await new releases - don't worry, you won't be disappointed!!!

After the adjustment period of closing down the retail store and building the online store - we will be offering beautiful, unique and irresistable Creative Corner Kits like you've grown accustomed to - as well as regular Layout Takeouts, Class Kits and even completed projects.

I'll keep you updated through the MTAM Newsletter and when I launch the online store - you won't want to miss it!

I want to thank you all for the support and friendships I've been blessed with. I couldn't have asked for a better staff to work with or more wonderful customers who have become more than just fellow scrapping addicts! From the laughter and excitement of crops to watching someone's eyes light up when introduced to a new product or technique - it has been a fabulous ride! A huge THANK YOU to all who have passed through!!!

*Tonya Kent


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